$25,000 to Date

Given to Brain Cancer Research

The Girl

Ally Hart, the youngest child of a Greenville NC family, had just finished the first day of her senior year when an MRI revealed a rare form of brain cancer, an ependymoma. Read more…

The Cause

Rally for Ally works to bring awareness and funding to research for a rare type of malignant brain tumor called an ependymoma. Read more…


The Org

Rally for Ally was established as a nonprofit organization in honor of Ally Hart with the goal of helping other children and teens diagnosed with this third most common brain tumor. Read more…


The Doctor

Dr. Sri Gururangan is currently the director of pediatric neuro-oncology at the Preston A. Wells Center for Brain Tumor Therapy. Read more…

Donate Directly to Research

Rallying the world to fund research for pediatric brain cancer, relying on God’s grace to give the Hope of a Cure to children and those that love them.